Selene Underworld by MaidOfMight

Several months back we had the release of the latest Underworld franchise and with that several cosplayers got dressed up as our favorite protagonist Selene.  I for one am a super huge fan of the franchise and I was really anxious to get a photoshoot with one or all the cosplayers who donned the trench coat and corset.  One of the cosplayers that really stood out and pulled off the Kate Beckinsale look was MaidOfMight.  Unfortunately it looks like all of the cosplayers were using some studio clothing from the actual movie which means they didn’t have the full costume themselves.  Thankfully for me Jess (MaidOfMight) is also a nut for Selene and already had commissioned a coat to be made which was going to take some time before completion. The corset and coat were made by Castle Corsetry the guns were made by EVike.

So a big shoutout to Luc (bboySpiderMan) for helping me out by being my lighting man and helping me scout out locations.  Nothing like running into homeless people shooting up drugs while on a shoot.

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