NerdBot Con 2017

This is the second year I have had the opportunity to cover NerdBot Con.  Earlier this year they asked if I would be available to work a photo room inside the convention.  I agreed but was completely blown away by the interest in me taking their photos.  Yeah I know I shouldn’t be and maybe I am obtuse to my own success but still I was surprised.  I didn’t get to walk the convention much as I was busy taking photos.  In total I shot over 1300 images and over 110 cosplayers below is a slimmed down number of images.  If you post or repost any images please be sure to credit myself and the cosplayers.  Next year I will be sure to bring a tip jar as many people asked how they can support me.  Thanks again to all the many people from NerdBot Con & NerdBot Media for their support and constant checking in to see if I needed anything.

Rulison Photography : Social Media


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