LBCC 2022 Day 2

Again I apologize for the delays I have had in getting these photos up and online. I hope you enjoy day 2 photos of the great cosplay community that came out and showed their stuff […]

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LBCC 2022 Day 1

Surprise surprise I am back at it! Finally we have a convention post Covid that I want to attend. We will not referrer to these times as AC or After Covid. So not surprisingly there […]

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Post Apocalypse DC Sirens

We all make mistakes. The question is do you have the gumption to apologize and own your mistakes. This photoshoot happened January 12th 2020. I think I miss understood, someone said they wanted the RAW […]

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Zoo Photos

COVID-19 couldn’t keep us from the zoo. We took a short vacation down to San Diego during the lock down. At this point the zoos were still open but we had to maintain social distance […]

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The Walking Dead – Negan

I am so far behind on website updates it is not funny. Get ready for a bunch of updates. Today we are looking at photos I took just before the plague hit I mean COVID-19. […]

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Long Beach Comic Expo 2020

Long Beach Comic Expo 2020 happened to fall on the same day as Anime Los Angeles. Making my own attendance to this years event slightly more difficult. The number of cosplayers in sight was dramatically […]

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Halloween Mad Moxxi

So my friend Enasni Volz had a great post on her instagram for her Halloween Mad Moxxi. This really was a mashup between Moxxi and Elvira. She debuted this gem at LA Comic Con. Sadly […]

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Underworld Selene

One of my favorite vampires…strike that not one of my but MY FAVORITE vampire is Selene. Ever since I saw the original Underworld I have loved this character. She is a strong female lead and […]

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Wasteland Pinup Shoot

Earlier this year just before Wasteland weekend I was asked to shoot a pinup series for Wastelanders. It was a first for me but of course I was up for the challenge. Typically with pinup […]

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Cosplayer Kitsune Kuma

Back before we finished the house we took a shoot with cosplayer Kitusne Kuma. Unfortunately her photos got lost in the shuffle of the house remodel and we didn’t dig them up until recently. I […]

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