LBCC 2022 Day 1

Surprise surprise I am back at it! Finally we have a convention post Covid that I want to attend. We will not referrer to these times as AC or After Covid. So not surprisingly there we had a low cosplayer turn out for day one of the convention and honestly I didn’t mind. I got to spend more time with people I enjoy talking to and walking the convention floor. Now Long Beach did decide to go to a smaller format but who could blame them. The footprint of the convention has shrank down to when the convention first started. I enjoyed the slower tempo the wider isles the more relaxed atmosphere it all made it such a great convention. I can’t wait to attend my next con and I hope to see you all there.

Pirate Deadpool

Please feel free to use the images but you must credit myself and the cosplayer. If you need help locating the cosplayer please reach out through my bookings email address. Thank you.

Iden Versio Inferno Squad