X-Wing Pilot Hendo

So when my cosplaying friend Hendoart reached out and asked if I had sometime to shoot a X-Wing cosplay I was like “of course”.  I mean who wouldn’t want the challenge of photographing something so recognizable right?  The problem I had is Southern California specifically LA does not really look like a Rebel Base.  To add to the problem we had some extreme heat passing through when we decided to shoot making both of us uncomfortable and very hot.  After some back and forth discussions we decided to just use my garage.  Now two things one you might think the garage would be hotter because it doesn’t have air blow but my garage is pretty well insulated so it ended up being about 10-20 degrees cooler than outside.  So now to make this look like something George Lucas would be alright with we needed to change the set dressing.  The problem is we didn’t have anything so we used a dove grey backdrop and then proceeded to use two lights and different heights behind our subject.  Once the lights were in place we added red gels and grids. Our key light was going to be a 2ft octobox with grid and no gels.  The final touch was we added fog this made for some interesting pictures and lots of opening the garage to ventilate the fog out of the room.  I hope you enjoy the photos and of course please credit the photographer (me) and cosplayer when sharing.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

HendoArt : Social Media

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