It’s Rachie Bitch

So everyone has wanted to get involved in my little circus.  The problem is there is only sooo many characters to choose from and if you can’t make another character you just can’t participate.  Well I made an exception for a couple of cosplayers and you have already seen Tara’s photos but here is cosplayer Rachel Hollon.  I saw Rachel at WonderCon but we never connected so we both spoke to each other after the show and decided that someday soon we were going to work together.  Enter the Circus set and unfortunately all the characters that Rachel had on hand were already spoken for in the DC Circus.  That didn’t mean we were not going to shoot nope just the opposite.  We planned out what we might shoot as alternative and got together anyways for a fun photoshoot.  Unfortunately traffic was rough and they ended up being late to get to our house so instead of 3 outfits we got two done.  Here she is in all her amazing technicolor glory.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

FacesbyRachie : Social Media

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