UV Sugar Skull by CosplayTwiins

So a while back I reached out to the Cosplay Twiins when they showcased their Sugar Skull designs.  I asked them if they had ever worked with UV Paints for blacklight photography.  They had not but they were willing to give a try and this began our dance of trying to find a date that would work for all involved that date happened to be tonight.  Unlike other models or cosplayers the CosplayTwiins show up ready to work which means we begin shooting the moment they arrive.  With blacklight photography we have to have the lights turned off  so that we can get the best exposure.  This means focusing turning the light off shooting and lights on, recompose, and move on.  This makes the shoot go fast because we have to really know exactly what we are getting.  We did a couple of costume changes but the photos came out amazing.  One thing to to note to make these shots I used UV glass in front of Profoto B1 units to make them pop.  That means I actually shot on flash at 1/250 of a second, ISO 400, and F2.8 up to F4 all in black light.

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