Mystique vs Rogue

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with two amazing cosplayers Liz Katz & Gracie The Cosplay Lass.  I was invited to this shoot by Gracie who I met just before at NerdBotCon. She is new to the cosplay community and we did some great photos of her Poison Ivy.  When they reached out to ask if I was interested in shooting I was completely down for it.  When they said Liz Katz was going to be there I was even more excited.  Liz is an amazingly charming cosplayer who I have only seen from afar and not had the pleasure to work with.  The photos were all shot at JLFX Studios in Burbank California with the help of and Jim Logan himself.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

Gracie The Cosplay Lass : Social Media

Liz Katz : Social Media

Jim Logan : Social Media

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