NerdBot Con 2018

It was just maybe two weeks before NerdBot Con 2018 when I got asked to step in and run a photo room.  Someone they previously asked had to step down.  Normally I would have backed out but I knew they needed help and I had the experience of running a room once before.  So I stood up straighter and agreed to run one of the two very popular photo rooms.  I made my plans and even with well laid plans and previous experience there was still things I forgot at home and cried a bit for leaving behind.  In total there was over 1700 frames taken which I cut down to 663 final images.  Some people are in here twice because they came back for more photos or they wanted to try something different.  Some people have more photos because they came when I didn’t have a line all in all though I tried to get to everyone who came and get them good photos.  If you find your photo and would like another pass at editing please don’t hesitate to ask.  These all have had the bare minimum of editing as trying to get through this many photos in such a short time was nearly impossible.  I thank you all for the wonderful memories I wouldn’t have such an adventurous life if it wasn’t for you.  Many people left a tip and it doesn’t matter if you did or didn’t I still thank you all for coming and I hoped I provided a good time and experience.  Again thank you for your continued support if you do plan on sharing these images please make sure you credit cosplayers and me the photographer alike.

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