JunkTown WasteLanders

I couldn’t think of a good title for this post.  The problem is it’s a bit of sadness you see JunkTown is going away on January 1st 2018 it will be officially gone.  The people who live there will have to be moved out and whatever is left will be the property of the people who bought the land.  It’s a sad day seriously as I found this location to be one of the better places to shoot post apocalyptic looks and feels.  Brycelandia will have to move and JunkTown with it and I don’t think they know where they are going.  So we have to hope for the best and provide as much help as we can.

So what can we do to help.  Well here is the GoFundMe and if you can stop by and contribute please do.  If you can’t maybe you can share this article on your own Facebook Page or any other social media outlets.  Maybe someone else can help fund them. Please consider helping out if you can.


Below you will find everyone who was there’s social media connections at least I think it’s everyone’s please go follow them support them and be respectful of everyone you meet.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

Social Media Links to all Wastelanders coming soon.