Tara Cosplay Stopped by for Holiday Pinup

I am late on getting this content up so I am going to keep the blog part brief.  Tara Cosplay contacted me with some outfits made by SugerPuss Clothing and wanted to shoot.  Originally it was thought that we wouldn’t need to change the set and that the vines we had in place would be fine.   Instead Tara contacted me and let me know that the outfits were really Christmas oriented so we changed the set and made it happen.  Unfortunately at the end of the shoot we noticed that the orange cord plugging in the lights of the Christmas Tree was a bit distracting.  Unable to do anything about it once the shoot was over I just knew I would need to do deal with it in post.  As most of you know who following me my live editing on IG became a hilarious tribute to the orange cord.  In fact it became such a huge moment that Tara has agreed to come by the studio and get wrapped in power cord for a fun shoot.

TaraNicoleZarian : Social Media
http://www.imdb.me/taranicoleazarian (IMDb)
https://www.youtube.com/c/nerdtabulous (YouTube)

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