Lara Croft at Stoney Point

I find friends in the cosplay community all the time.  A few months ago I went up to the mountains and took pictures of some amazing cosplayers and was introduced to a cosplayer I have never worked with before by the name of Tahnee.  She was this amazing Elsa from Frozen and super respectful.  I barely got any photos of her because we were running out of light and I wanted to make sure all the other photographers got some photos.  Later we all went out to dinner and we got talking about doing some shoots out of conventions and she was totally down.  Fast forward a few months and Tahnee reaches out to me saying she has been working on putting together a Lara Croft cosplay.  I was like instantly down as Lara Croft is one of my favorite characters I love strong female heroic characters.  So instead me just getting photos of her cosplay I invited Nelson Seralbo another cosplay photographer and good friend.  This allowed for Tahnee to get two unique styles and tons of photos to choose from.  This also left one of us to hold lights or reflectors so we could switch back and forth.  Enjoy the photos and of course if you are interested in working with me please hit me up with

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