Stunning Anastasia Romanov

I can’t begin to explain how amazing this photoshoot was.  First off the dress was made by Designer Daddy.  I know you are like who is this guy well he is one the best dress designers I have ever seen.  His work is legendary and he has nearly 200K followers on instagram which is pretty insane.  The cosplayer for this fantastical adventure was none other than Joanna Lynn Bert.  She started this off with a note asking if I would be interested in doing a photoshoot on Sunday morning.  Finally this entire project wouldn’t have been altogether without fantastic hair and makeup by Jessica Mills.  It was such an epic adventure and we did this shoot in such a short time frame.  Oh and one more thing my best friend, wife, and love of my life helped me out and was the lighting assistant on the shoot.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

Joanna Lynn Bert : Social Media

Jessica Mills Makeup and Hair Artist : Social Media