Endless Tees and LostWeasleyChild

So, I was on vacation and I asked if anyone wanted to shoot I got lots of requests but one of the first responders was one of my favorite cosplayers LostWeasleyChild.  She reached out and said “hey I have a bunch of EndlessTees that I want to get photos of are you interested.”  Commercial or more catalog work is something I don’t typically do so the chance to work on that side of my portfolio.  Once we settled on a time and location to meet at the house we had to decide exactly how we were going to do the shoot.  Well if you know anything about Southern California in the summer it’s hot.  So the decision was made to meet at my house but shoot outside because the studio was just going to be an absolute oven.  It didn’t take us long to make quick work of several of the t-shirts she brought with her and of course we had a lot of fun.  This is the fun part of photography learning your city to find cool little spots to shoot.  I hope you enjoy the photos below I had fun making them.

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