Cosplay Shoot with Harley Quinn and Harley Jinx

Today we got a chance to take some pictures with the ever lovely LostWeasleyChild cosplay.   Her real name is Ashleigh and she agreed to go on a hike with us to take some pictures of her wonderful cosplays.  Our location was a old abandoned power station.  I had been there before just for hiking purposes and found the location amazing.  The graffiti and tucked away location made it ideal for our photo shoot.  Below is LostWeasleyChild cosplay links for contact or questions.

Facebook: LostWeasleyChildCosplay

Instagram: lostweasleychild

As always if you are cosplayer and would like to shoot please reach out to us we are in Southern California and love fun and creative ideas.

Bombshell Harley Quinn






Harley Jinx