Deaththorn Cosplay – Kairi KH2

So fathers day is here and I got the most amazing gift just slightly early.  My wife got me a Profoto B2 travel kit.  What is this you ask well it’s a off camera lighting solution that includes a small but powerful battery pack two heads and a wireless triggering system.


To test the unit out I put up a notice on my IG account asking for some volunteers.  I was rewarded with several responses but the one that worked out perfectly was Deaththorn Cosplay aka Brooke.

Brooke’s cosplay page can be found here DeathThorn Cosplay.

Brooke was in need of some shots of her Kairi cosplay from Kingdom Hearts 2 and I was in need of testing this bad boy out.

Kairi We setup and planned to shoot yesterday morning just at sun rise which was suppose to be cloudy but of course it was not.  This means I was going to be shooting over the sun which was hard on these B2 packs but it handled it well.  In total we shot around 228 frames with just over half the battery pack still remaining.  For light modifiers I used a shoot through umbrella from White Lightning and a 7′ silver parabolic umbrella from FJ Westcott.  I also used a bare head in a couple of these shots in some cases it was the rim light.  Please enjoy and I look forward to working with Brooke again.