Catwoman by Ashleigh

So I had a shoot lined up for this last Friday and Sunday but both fell apart.  So I put the word out on Wednesday that I was looking for people to shoot with and came up with some more cosplayers to shoot with.  Sadly Friday broke down and wouldn’t work on Friday so I didn’t get to shoot with anyone.  That’s alright though because Ashleigh came through doing three shoots in one for Sunday.  We did a Final Fantasy set (coming to it’s own dedicated post), Catwoman (seen here), and finished off with a Catwoman inspired boudoir shoot (will be posted later this week.)  So I really wanted to shoot something like a Catwoman because I built this chiller for my fog machine so I could create low hanging fog.  This is fog that sticks to the ground because it’s been cooled.  I hope you enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.

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