DeadPool & Punk Spider Gwen

So it started out with a post on Facebook.  I simply asked if anyone wanted to shoot on Saturday morning.  I specifically noted that I was looking at shooting close to or around sunrise.

So as you can expect I got a few responses first and foremost “How early is early?” I guess the sunrise wasn’t a dead giveaway.  That said I got two victims I mean two subjects who volunteered to help out and let me do a shoot with them.  So that was MaidofMight and BBoySpiderMan who decided they could sacrifice an early morning to shoot.  Bboy wanted to shoot his Deadpool costume and I was like “I have just the place.”  So out by my house is an abandoned power station.  The big risk here is that it’s a half mile hike in and out and you may get asked to leave as the building is on private property.  Big thanks to both Luc and Jess for coming out and letting me try to work some magic on their cosplays.

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