Stan Lee Comic Con or BananaCon 2017

The title should say it all.  With the tragedy in Las Vegas and the scare at Phoenix Comic Con there rules and regulations for convention props have now officially gone bananas.  Not only are no gun looking props allowed (even Minion Fart Guns) but anything and everything.  Thor’s hammer completely made of foam was locked up, a 4ft broom for some girls Kiki Delivery Service, everything even items that met their posted guidelines was pulled out of cosplayers hands and put into a holding location.  With all that drama going on the one thing the con did get right this time was parking.  There didn’t seem to be a problem at this years convention unlike last year where we only made it one day because parking was so bad.  That said the convention didn’t feel like a con and I am not sure the reason.  I can’t decide if the convention really understands what a convention is or what.  One of the big problems this year was the lack of places to shoot the South Hall at the LA Convention Center doesn’t have the same photo options which creates issues and keeps everyone bottled into the lobby.  On Saturday they actually shut the lights off on the con goers in the lobby to get us all out of there.  Let’s hope they have a better time next year.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

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