TitanCon 2017

So last year I skipped this little convention called TitanCon.  I knew about it but thinking of a convention on a college campus hosted and ran by students I felt it wasn’t going to be much.  Well last year I was wrong I saw tons of great cosplayers and great photos come out of the show so this year I vowed to make the event.  My wife being an alumni also helped she donated money and she knew the locations and the area very well.  So when it came to asking directions I didn’t need to I just looked to the wife for her assistance.  We had a lot of fun and was really surprised by the size I am hoping the convention will continue but due to the impact we had on the campus it might not come to be.  Let’s wish the TitanCon management team best of luck as their little convention really backed a punch.

Rulison Photography : Social Media