Tracer and Negan

There is two names you don’t expect to see together Tracer from OverWatch and Negan from Walking Dead.  Tracer a British female badass and Negan a male killer who uses a baseball bat for his weapon of choice.  Well LostWeasleyChild asked for some photos in the garage studio of her two cosplays of these two characters.  I think I kind of let her down because I know she needed these images sooner rather than later and work was nuts.  Today I should be at ComiKaze but I am not.  Traffic and parking made that impossible. I have learned my lesson and will not be going to any more downtown LA conventions.  The LA Convention Center is just really bad you should never have a convention center that’s tied to a sports arena it just never works well.  Anyways here is the badass LostWeasleyChild.

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