Long Beach Comic Con 09-17-2016

Hey guys here is the latest from the West Coast Cosplay Scene.  These are taken on Saturday at Long Beach Comic Con 09-17-2016.  Today instead of just going natural light I was also testing out the Selens MN-BK 2 in 1.  Any of the images  used with flash were done with this kit.  The best part of this kit was the grid for sure.  The main thing you have to realize is that this kit is good for close up work the further you are from the subject the effect of the kit drops off.  For convention work and cosplay in general this is a nice little kit you can find it on Amazon or you can find it on their main page in China.


I had a blast as usual but I do think I need to branch out to more cosplayers I did see some fantastic designs and costumes out there and I was happy to shoot them.  Remember if you are posting my work to use the links below for tagging.

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