NinjaCon LA

So this last weekend I got a chance to shoot NinjaCon LA.  The people who attended the convention were great the actual staff of the convention an entirely different story.  We arrived early to the event to get the lay of the land and look around.  I took my son with me so that if I needed lights he would be able to help by being my lighting man.  Unfortunately for my son he lugged the gear around but we never actually used it.  In some cases I wish I would have pulled it out.  The lighting was flat in some places and I didn’t do much to change it.  The location for this convention is the Japanese cultural center in little Tokyo.  The location was decent although there was several good spots to get photographs and arrange subjects.

Now for the bad part the staff was rude to us and in some cases nearly abusive.  What are we talking about on three different occasions we were asked to turn around and go some other direction.  To be clear they changed the entrance location twice and when we asked why we can’t go this way were told a variety of reasons.  Granted the rudeness could have been a result of their own frustrations for the lack of organization or direction from the convention management.  They also changed what times you could go places.  It was frustrating walking through an area and than 5 minutes later not being able to go to the same place.

Overall it’s a small convention but still a nice stop gap until the larger shows like AX and ComicCon.