Miss Kit Quinn

I get this question a lot “how did you get good at Cosplay Photography?”  The answer is Miss Kit Quinn.  Just shy of one year ago I was at WonderCon trying my hand with my DSLR at Cosplay Photography.  I was noob completely inept at how to talk with cosplayers what the etiquette was for communicating.  Kit Quinn gave me the basics and told me flat out “take me to where you think you can get a good picture.”  With that I began to move around more ask cosplayers to move out of the crowds and over to the sidelines to try and get good shots.  I then started bringing my lighting and the rest is history.  When Kit Quinn asked me a few weeks ago if I was down for a out of con shoot I was like “yes, when and where?” We decided to head over to Pasadena City Hall which is a good place to shoot on the weekends but recently is starting to get crowded.  Lucky for us on this Sunday morning we were all alone.  Enjoy these amazing images of Queen Gorgo from 300 and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.  This shoot was about 2 hrs and I frankly could post the entire shoot because there was not a bad shot in the bunch.

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