Lady Gaga Cosplay

I recently scheduled a non-cosplay photoshoot in Santa Monica CA.  I purposely went out of my way to work with someone from outside of the cosplay community.  I booked a hotel room to work as our set and planned to shoot some lifestyle photos along with some head shots and portraits.  The model communicated the day of that she was ready.  I was in the hotel and ready to shoot but she never came, never called, never texted, she basically just shut down.  Lucky for me I have worked with models before and surprisingly most of the them are flakes they don’t show up for shoots at least 60% of the time.  Granted the ones that want to make it in the industry and are willing to work hard well they do surprisingly well.  So with the flakey model % in mind I arranged some backup options.  Of course this means I would be working back in the cosplay community but that’s fine.  Cosplay models are 100% reliable I have not had one flake on me yet.  That says something right there it says cosplay models are willing to work with you and want to be creative with you and make the magic happen.  So Elizabeth Rage was my backup and she delivered.  She knew I wanted something less cosplay so she decided to cosplay as The Countess herself Lady Gaga.  Enjoy the photos they really are amazing.

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