Fighting Time

Photographers only wish they were on their own schedules.  Unfortunately you are almost always on somebody else’s schedules.

My assignment today was to capture some portraits of MMA fighter Mike Flach.  We shot on location at Millennia MMA gym in Chino Hills, CA.  The space is as you would expect a  series of matts with punching bags on the outside edges and some fencing mesh along one side.  The lighting was florescent overheads but nothing we couldn’t handle with time.

Unfortunately I was informed the night before that we would have 1 hr of time to get what we needed.  Deciding I was going to need speed more then anything I went with Westcott Rapid Octabox 26″ for my main light.  After arriving on location I decided a two light setup with reflector would be best.  My second light or rim light was a Westcott Rapid Strip-box.  For a reflector I used the Neewer 5-in-1 triangle reflector 43″ for fill.   Making sure that I wanted to be quick and respectful I used blankets under the stands to prevent any damage to the matts.  I made quick work of the assignment take a look and enjoy.