Aputure Amaran Halo LED Light


So I recently purchased the Aputure Amaran Halo LED Light.  I picked this little light up from Amazon.com for 39.95.  I purchased it for macro photography and possibly fashion.

Amazon Aputure Amaran Halo

After a couple of quick tests it won’t work for some things but will work for others.  The macro function works well it produces decent light and you can get away with a minimal ISO speed.  Here is one of my favorites from the set.


The image held good color from the light making my life a bit easier.  I wished it was more of a strobe but it’s not it is a consistent light.  You do have some adjustment on the level of light power but not much.  One function I did like was the ability to turn on one half or the other LED lights.



Below is the complete gallery let me know what you think.