Princess Merida with Joanna Lynn Bert

So months and months ago we had NerdBot Con.  It was a fun convention but I was inside taking photos for the con and so everyone got photos.  Cosplay is for everyone so I liked being able to get photos for whoever lined up for me.  The problem is I missed people who stayed outside and one of my favorite cosplayers Joannlynnbert was outside wearing an amazing Merida (Disney’s Brave) cosplay.  When she posted photos I immediately posted I wanted to get photos of this epic and family favorite cosplay.  Joanna who is always quick to respond said she would be down but wanted to wait until she got a different wig for the cosplay.  Fast forward to months later and she reached out that the wig had come in.  The problem is now we needed a location and a time.  We decided if we wanted to get the Wisps to show-up  we would need to do a darker time of day and instead of losing a day waiting to shoot we decided to get it done pre-dawn.  This means we were up and shooting before the good old sun was up.  I have to say it was the best choice because as time went we got out wisps shots done first and then as the sun rose we started getting other shots we were done by 7:30 am and headed over to iHop for some breakfast directly after.  I have to say this was one of my favorite recent shoots mainly because I love Merida but also because Joanna’s boyfriend Matt made the entire shoot so much fun.

Rulison Photography : Social Media

Joanna Lynn Bert : Social Media

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