Using Slow Shutter Speed to Stop Motion

Most of the advice you can read online will tell you to work with a shutter speed that’s short enough to ensure sharpness and remove motion blur. That is unless you’re shooting landscapes in which case you should use a tripod and it’s ok to use longer shutter speeds.

This is the kind of thinking that I believe limits creativity. It’s kind of a black or white thinking with no room in between. After actually spending some time shooting different subjects in various conditions, you’ll come to realize that things are a little bit different.



I knew going in that Sunday was going to be hard.  Not only would I not have a my quickbox but I would be handling the kids as well.  The kids consist of Justin 12, Elizabeth 9, and Alyssa 5.  The kids are to handle in a normal situation throw in their favorite cartoon shows, movies, video games, and toys and you are spelling out Trouble with a capital T.  When we left the event and headed to the family for the holiday I felt like I didn’t get my best work.  I felt like I had not gotten that many good shots.  Well the ‘take’ says different I pulled over 100 photos that were pretty decent many of them taken from the con floor.  As you know con floor photos are almost always sucky but I managed to get some fairly decent shots.  Enjoy.



Jade steaming up the camera.



The event coordinators made this a much more difficult event to cover.  Why???  They added security and now have photographers (who are staying outside the event) have badges as well.  I heard from several CosPlayers they were cracking down on them as well.  Needless to say we have friends who got us some badges and away we went.  I had a magical time shooting with tons of people but FanBoy Brandon and Kit Quinn had to be the absolute tops.



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