Final Review WU-1a & LootCrate

My LootCrate came in so I figured it was an excellent time to finish up my testing of the WU-1A wireless adapter from Nikon.


The LootCrate came with some excellent models.  I used my Nikon P7800 with the scene selection set up on closeup.  The camera performed as expected flawless.  I am really enjoying this lightweight camera, but that’s for another posting.


After I took the pictures my goal was to post them up on Instagram and maybe up on Facebook.   The perfect tool for the job was the WU-1A a product dubbed to get your photos online.  I plugged in the wireless adapter to the camera and turned on the application on my phone.  As always I needed to grab the camera’s wireless network in the wireless settings of the phone.  The device connected perfectly and after selecting the photos I began to transfer them.


Here is where the device fails over and over again.  Once the transfer process is started it fails usually not on the first image but by the second or third you are no longer connected to the Nikon Wireless network from the phone.


After a considerable amount of testing my side I have found that the phone themselves and how they treat wireless networks could be the problem.  If I disable all wifi communication meaning keeping the phone from trying to use the wifi for connecting to the Internet I get excellent results the device stays connected and the images transfer.  Additionally if you are in an area where you do not have connection to wifi and no others are present around you it seemed to work here as well but still failed on occasion.

If I could do this all over again I would pass on the adapter it pretty much is a waste of money.  In almost all cases you are going to have to keep a laptop around for backup as you can’t depend on the ability to send from the adapter.  Nikon WU-1a 1 star and save your money.

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P7800 Selective Color

P7800 Night Shoot Test

I got a moment to test out the P7800 tonight and also tried out some of the in camera filters.  The camera was setup in night mode for all shots.   The images do lose some quality when the filter is applied to the image in camera.   Presented here is just a few shots I took tonight.  Tomorrow will be an excellent test as I will be attending WonderCon in Anaheim.

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Nikon WU-1a


When I purchased my Nikon P7800 part of the appeal was being able to take the images straight from the camera to Facebook or Instagram to share them with family and friends.  The camera itself is amazing and I am very happy with the purchase but this little adapter is a pain in the ass.

First lets talk about where it plugs in.  This little guy plugs in right on the same side that you grip the camera.  So you can’t keep the adapter in at all times you absolutely have to remove it or your paw will eventually break it off.  So for convenience this is a -1.  It appears Nikon was well aware that this would be the ‘case’.  Case here being the operative word.  Nikon includes a case that fits on the camera strap so that you can put the device away after using it.

Now let’s talk about using it.  The adapter software runs on both Android and Apple phones.  This is a huge win for me as I switch phones like some people switch underwear.  Currently I am using a Android LG G2 phone which is a great phone with long battery life and an amazing screen.  The software loads fine and the first time I used it with the camera it was amazing.  The Nikon WU-1a worked great for passing the images from the camera to phone and then from the phone to Facebook.  The transfer gives you an option full size or recommended size but it really doesn’t tell you what that size is.  I made some prints from it and looks good to me so whatever it is thumbs up.


Now the second time I used the Nikon WU-1a it failed.  It disconnected twice in image transfer.  I did this at the very tech heavy office so I wasn’t sure if something was interfering or what.  I tried it again at home and it worked once but then failed again.  My hope was that maybe because my camera was still on 1.0 firmware that an update would do the trick.  Unfortunately there is no update for my camera.  So right now I would give it a 2 star review and be very aware of your return policy.  I am going to keep it and try it on some other phones and see how it works.

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Hello world!

I finally updated my website.  WHAT!!!  Hopefully I will make some posts here.  I would like to open the site to multiple publishers mainly my family.  I have no images to update now because heck I just finished this during my lunch break.   Stay tuned for hopefully something exciting.

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