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WonderCon Day 1

I should start with i’m sorry. WonderCon happened back in March and shortly after the event like the week directly after the event we began the painstaking process of remodeling the downstairs of our house. […]

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WonderCon Day 3 2018

Welp we finished it.  I used the wife as a big butcher knife.  I had her cut down my images and take a fresh perspective and it worked.  This allowed me to cut down the […]

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WonderCon Day 1 2018

So here is the photos from WonderCon Day 1 for 2018.  Here is my quick notes; first I should have shot a lot less it’s just too many photos to edit.  Previously at other conventions […]

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WonderCon 2016

So many of you might be disappointed to find out that I only took photos for one day of WonderCon 2016.  First you have to understand that Saturday instead of being behind the lens I […]

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