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Cosplayer Kitsune Kuma

Back before we finished the house we took a shoot with cosplayer Kitusne Kuma. Unfortunately her photos got lost in the shuffle of the house remodel and we didn’t dig them up until recently. I […]

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Anime Pasadena 2019

I was privileged enough to be invited back to host a photo room for Anime Pasadena by the NerdBot events team. This is my third time working with Nerdbot and despite the relatively small size […]

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Anime Pasadena 2018

Hello friends I am sorry for the delay for Anime Pasadena photos.  This was the first convention after my mother passed away and I was a bit out of it.  I shot a load of […]

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Anime Expo Day 4

Last day of Anime Expo Day 4.  I took the day very relaxed and decided to spend some time with my wife shopping and enjoying the convention as a whole.  So my entire take was […]

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Anime Expo Day 3

Here is Anime Expo Day 3 photos.  This was the day I shot the most so here is over 150 images of day 3.  Please remember as always to credit both myself and the cosplayer.  […]

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Anime Expo Day 2

Anime Expo 2018 Day 2 photos.  This day I had my son and again worked har to keep my image count down to a manageable level.  Please remember to credit my work when sharing and […]

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Anime Expo Day 1

I know if you are looking for Anime Pasadena photos I am behind.  I have them marked for edit but have not finished the edits.  I am going to get them out after Anime Expo […]

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Long Beach Comic Expo Day 2 was slower than day 1.  Again we had to head out for food so that took us off site which made us miss cosplays plus we were mostly outside […]

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Anime Los Angeles Sunday

Anime LA Sunday started off with intense wind and a threat, not a threat of rain but a threat of violence.  A posting on 4Chan was pretty ominous and several cosplayers I know personally were […]

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Anime Los Angeles Saturday

Saturday at Anime Los Angeles started off early and just didn’t stop.  I did bring my lights but didn’t actually get them out.  I borrowed some lights but was never really satisfied with the lighting.  […]

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