WonderCon Day 1

I should start with i’m sorry. WonderCon happened back in March and shortly after the event like the week directly after the event we began the painstaking process of remodeling the downstairs of our house. Sadly it had gotten the point where I couldn’t breathe in my own home. We have several animals and the carpet was just collecting their dandruff. So we had to change the carpet and that took time we ultimately went with tile but moving things around so they could put the tile created more issues. Eventually my drives and editing all became non-existent. I kept trying to pick it up but frustration or something else seem to keep coming up. This is why I try to get the editing done as quickly as possible after an event because I know things will come up in my life. Photography is a hobby it’s not a full time job for me it’s something I do to keep myself relaxed. Again I am sorry it has taken me this long to get the images done but I hope you won’t be disappointed. Day 2 is going to take some more time as I am extremely busy this week at my 9-5 job. I promise though I will be working on it this week in any spare moments I have to get the photos out to you. Thanks again for being patient with me and I hope you enjoy the photos.