Anime Pasadena 2019

I was privileged enough to be invited back to host a photo room for Anime Pasadena by the NerdBot events team. This is my third time working with Nerdbot and despite the relatively small size of the show it’s one of most brutal events to take on.

What makes it so hard? The reason why it’s so brutal is the line never lets up it’s a constant stream of cosplayers and people. This year I shot over 1220 frames with a total (including groups) of around 300 different individuals.

Why do you do it? Oh I love this event just because something is hard doesn’t mean it can’t be rewarding. Anime Pasadena with their photo rooms gets people who might not otherwise get their photo taken in front of the lens. The rooms are offered up free (we place a tip charge to help cover expenses) and they are inside the convention. I also love seeing their faces when I show them their photos on the back of the screen. I think if I am invited back again I will maybe see about bringing a TV Stand to show the photos on them as they are taken and work tethered.

Why did take so long edit? Excellent question to that you have to understand that for the past several months I have been having my down stairs of my house remodeled. It has taken us some serious time to get it finished. My computers and hard drives were kind of part of the last things to go back in. I apologize to my waiting fans as I am behind on at least two other shoots to boot.

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