Whitty Pixie comes by for glamour work.

The amazing and stunning Whitty Pixie stopped by the garage studio for some glamour/fashion photos.  I love working with Whitty as she knows how to move and works quickly.  Within just a couple hours we were able to get through multiple wardrobe changes and styles.  If you have the chance to work with her I highly suggest you do.  This was a simple two light lighting setup.  We had our key light with a 2×3 Softbox just to the left of the camera.  Our second light was above the models head and pointed at the backdrop.  Here we used a grid to cut the light down and keep it with a halo around our subject.  The angle makes the circular grip push out to an oval.  The backdrop here is a dove grey paper seamless made by Savage and purchased through Samy’s Camera.  The lighting was created using Profoto B2 heads with OCF accessories.

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