Ghoulcrest Hunting Club

So a friend of mine asked me if I would be able to take some dark portraits of a group of Wasteland Warriors.  Specifically a group from the Ghoulcrest Hunting Club which is a hunting lodge that hunts humans.  The entire group was a super treat to shoot and was very welcoming.  The shoot finished with a wonderful gift chest full of goodies that were just for me.  I am seriously in awww of these images so I hope you enjoy them as well.  I did two styles of edits on these images and I love them both but I am curious to hear public opinion.  The two styles are one is more dark and blue and contrasty the other has more color and actually looks more like a painting then a photo.

For most of these photos I used one light a Profoto B1 unit with a 2ft OCF Octobox with Grid.  I didn’t want to use a straight softbox as it would not control the light enough.  The eggcrate or grid on the softbox allows me to cut the light down further and control the direction better.  When I got to the ladies portraits I ended up shooting with a second Profoto B1 as a highlighter on the hair.  To control the light from the second B1 I used a OCF grid kit and a OCF Snoot.  All products were direct Profoto gear and not third party.  Big thanks to Junktown for allowing us to attend the “Apotcalypse or BryceLandia” event.  Including in these images are one of the guests of the event and Bryce himself along with someone trying to steal his loot. Be sure to checkout their official Instagram accounts @junktownofficial@_apotcalypse_.

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