Boudoir & Valentines

These are some redone / re-edited images from a shoot I did last year with the awesomely talented Enasni Volz. I have been working hard on my editing process and I think I am really starting to get something special going.  The reason I choose these photos comes from a conversation I had with another photographer.  This is from an actual conversation another photographer had with me recently.

Photographer; “So how do you get all these cosplayers to do boudoir photography with you?”

Me; “I don’t, they usually reach out to me.”

Photographer; “Why do they reach out to you instead of someone like me?”

Me; “They are safe with me and they know that.”

Photographer; “???” <curious expression on his face>

Me; “I am super in love with my wife and I am a father.  So I am not going to hit on them or try to take an inappropriate photo.”

Photographer; “They think other photographers would?”

Me; “Most of the other cosplay photographers are single so they may not feel as comfortable with them.”

Needless to say I think I got my point across so when you are looking at the boudoir photos in my gallery remember that this is not something I seek out or that I ask to shoot.  I enjoy photographing boudoir or more artistic pieces because the human body is extremely breathtaking.  The difference between me and a lot of other photographers is I like to photograph men just as much as I like photograph women.

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