GwenPool is Here

So on my Rulison Photography Facebook page I follow tons of cosplayers.  One of the cosplayers (LostWeasley Child Cosplay) asked if anyone wanted to shoot on Monday.  I of course raised my hand and said I would be down for studio work as I did have to pay the bills and work my second job. Yes I have a second job because photography doesn’t pay super well.  For me though cosplay photography is something I just absolutely love and this is for me as much as it is for the cosplayer.  I get a kind of calm when I create an image using my knowledge of lighting and and exposures to produce super cool shots.  Plus I love seeing these super heroes come to life before my eyes.  So when LostWeasley said she was cosplaying as GwenPool I was like an excited child on Christmas day.

LostWeasley Child Social media details.




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