Photo Club Portraits

Hi, faithful blog followers.  This week we had our photo club meeting.  The subject for this meeting was portrait photography and lighting.  In this lesson we discussed available light, using speed lights, and finally we talked about using professional lighting from Profoto.  We took a lot of these principles and put them to action taking pictures of each other and one of other co-workers.  Obviously everyone liked shooting with the professional lights so these photos are from the full strobes.  I was teaching the class so I wasn’t shooting that much but what we did was a two light setup.  We had one light behind the subject with a 45% grid and another boomed above and banked toward the subject with a Octo box and grid.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.15.07 AM

We moved the lighting around to see the different effects but this was the basic two light setup we used for the demonstration.  Used in these shots was 2 Profoto B2 heads the OCF Grid 45% and the OCF 2′ Octobox with grid.