Star Wars Cosplay

So a couple of weeks ago I heard that an epic Star Wars shoot was going to happen.  I found out Oscar from ocmphoto111 was the one leading the charge.  I asked if I could tag along if for nothing else just so I could see how Oscar works.  Oscar is one of the artist I would like to learn from see he is a epic Photoshop master and does these totally great composites.

So Oscar was cool with me tagging along which made me super happy.  Unfortunately it became clear that the original location was not going to work.  Ashliegh (lostweasleychild) showed the group a couple of locations we shot at with her Mikasa Cosplay.  The group loved the locations so we actually ended up shooting out here in Chino Hills.  Thanks again to everyone for letting me take part in this terrific shoot.  We had additional assistance from Peggy and Stacey.

Cosplayers: LostWeasleyChild / SonicSpiderMan

Photographers: Me / OcmPhoto111

Assistants: Peggy / Stacey




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