Sunset @ Huntington Beach Pier


So after digging through my old camera box I came across one of my favorite tools.  I cam across a B&W 3.0 ND filter for 77mm lenses.  It only took me a second to figure out what to do.  After the kids got out of school on Friday we took them all down to eat at Ruby’s at the end of the pier.  We were in and out quickly enough and the food as usual was fantastic.  The kids had a great time so now it was Dad’s turn.  I headed down the water with about 20 minutes to spare until sunset.  After I set up my shot and focusing I added the ND filter to the front of the lens.  Once the ND filter is on you can’t see anything so you have to focus ahead of time.  Also remember to turn off autofocus as you will mess up the shot as well.  For me I get the focus on with auto focus and no ND filter.  Then I turn the focus off and manually make final adjustments before putting the filter on.  You also need to remember to cover the camera eye piece.  I put my camera eye piece cap on before I got down to the beach.  I then use the live view to actually focus up my shot.   After everything is setup I use my external timer to take the picture.  You need to use an external timer because you will quickly be over 1 minute exposures as the sun sets.   Enjoy the gallery I loved the way the light changed I added two in black and white for fun.

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