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Cool, little Pokemon in their captive cubes you to can own one or two or all of them.  Seek out the artist ItsBeeThorn on Instagram or Etsy and you can collect them all. ItsBeeThorn Social […]

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Sunset @ Huntington Beach Pier

So after digging through my old camera box I came across one of my favorite tools.  I cam across a B&W 3.0 ND filter for 77mm lenses.  It only took me a second to figure […]

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Death Valley in Infrared

Checkout this great article and post on about Infrared photography.  Personally I would have gone for a more lush green place as Infrared looks almost alien in forest locations.   Enjoy the article and […]

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San Francisco at Night

By NASIM MANSUROV originally found on San Francisco is such a beautiful city to photograph. Although I have been there for almost two weeks now, my busy and hectic schedule has been preventing me from being […]

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Exposing to the Right Explained has a great article posted about ETTR.  This is a great method when used correctly and can really make for some dynamic pictures.  I highly recommend that you pop over to their site and […]

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Waterfall Photography Tips

I found this article on Waterfall tips and wanted to share it with everyone.  Again this comes from the wonderful site  One of the tips that caught my eye that I wish I would […]

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Long Exposure Photography Tips

Just found another gem.  This is one of my favorite photo techniques which is long exposure. produced or had submitted a great tips guide for Long Exposure.  I am highly recommend that you take […]

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Journey to Antarctica –

Just absolutely amazing images and a great story located over at  The article is about Antarctica and the images are amazing. Antarctica…. a place I never thought I would visit. A place on the […]

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Older Work

I was asked recently to add some of my old photography work to the site.  I have more than enough to fill multiple Terabytes of storage.  I took only a very small handful of content […]

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Corona Del Mar

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