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Zoo Photos

COVID-19 couldn’t keep us from the zoo. We took a short vacation down to San Diego during the lock down. At this point the zoos were still open but we had to maintain social distance […]

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The Walking Dead – Negan

I am so far behind on website updates it is not funny. Get ready for a bunch of updates. Today we are looking at photos I took just before the plague hit I mean COVID-19. […]

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CosPlay Photography Do’s and Don’ts

The first convention I ever went to I was around 14 or 15 years old.  I fell in love right then and there because of the cosplayers.  The people I saw dressed up in the […]

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Using Slow Shutter Speed to Stop Motion

Most of the advice you can read online will tell you to work with a shutter speed that’s short enough to ensure sharpness and remove motion blur. That is unless you’re shooting landscapes in which […]

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Waterfall Photography Tips

I found this article on Waterfall tips and wanted to share it with everyone.  Again this comes from the wonderful site  One of the tips that caught my eye that I wish I would […]

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War Paint

War Paint is short series of photographs where I used stage makeup to paint a models face.  I also included in that series a image of a woman covered in mud.  I went down this […]

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Nikon P900 Optical Zoom

NikonRumors found some sample images of the Nikon P900 that showed the strength of the optical zoom.  The images are very impressive both in quality and in the details.  After taking a look at these […]

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Long Exposure Photography Tips

Just found another gem.  This is one of my favorite photo techniques which is long exposure. produced or had submitted a great tips guide for Long Exposure.  I am highly recommend that you take […]

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Nikon D7200 a Review

I would like to review the Nikon D7200.  This is Nikon’s newest entry into the enthusiast category.  This is also the first DSLR I have purchased in 7 years.  I am making the switch from […]

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Nikon 1 V3 Review

Pro Photo Supply put up there Nikon 1 V3 Review.  This a mirrorless camera solution that makes it excellent for street photography and time when a noisy shutter might distract or draw your subjects attention. […]

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