Post Apocalypse DC Sirens

We all make mistakes. The question is do you have the gumption to apologize and own your mistakes. This photoshoot happened January 12th 2020. I think I miss understood, someone said they wanted the RAW files quickly and that they would do the edits. So I provided the RAW files very quickly. After that however I was expected to edit the photos. I did here and there but never finished them. I don’t know what was the cause for this. I could say it was the world stage, the pandemic, the election but in the end that is just excuses. I don’t like excuses so I will just say the truth I F**KED UP! I finished these photos last week but wasn’t sure how I wanted to apologize for their tardiness. Things just got out of hand and once they began to snowball I just didn’t see a point to getting them done anymore. So to the three models for this shoot Cheshir3.c4t, Ledalove89, and Cool_Beeans please accept my dearest apologies. I know some of you won’t forgive me for this delay and may choose to never work with me again. Still thank you for shooting with me and I do hope we can work together again when quarantine is over.

For everyone else please enjoy these Post Apocalypse DC Sirens.

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