Long Beach Comic Expo 2020

Long Beach Comic Expo 2020 happened to fall on the same day as Anime Los Angeles. Making my own attendance to this years event slightly more difficult. The number of cosplayers in sight was dramatically less then in years past. I stayed for the entire day and only managed to grab a total of 18 different cosplayers far less then my normal amount of costume dressing friends.

Still even with the lack of attendance the show seemed good. The exhibit floor was hopping and I saw a great deal of vendors making some good sales. It’s possible with the less crowds only serious buyers showed up or that exhibitors had more time to spend with each customer.

Two notes: one make sure you scan the entire gallery if you are looking for your own photos. For some reason they got split up on upload and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

Second please be sure to credit myself and the cosplayer when sharing.

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