Wasteland Pinup Shoot

Earlier this year just before Wasteland weekend I was asked to shoot a pinup series for Wastelanders. It was a first for me but of course I was up for the challenge. Typically with pinup you are going to go with a more old-school vibe. So I opted for a white background that we would age in post processing. To get the right light I decided to go with a 3 light setup I would use a 2×3 ft softbox as my key light with two lights on the side covering the background with as much even light as I could. My subjects would range from cowboys, naughty librarians, Bettie Page, to a Witch and even a guy with a Cat head. It was their planning and ideas with my execution a good teamwork is what was needed. Enjoy the shots and remember to if you don’t know who the model is please send me a note and I will direct you to their page.

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