Monthly Archives: October 2019


Halloween Mad Moxxi

So my friend Enasni Volz had a great post on her instagram for her Halloween Mad Moxxi. This really was a mashup between Moxxi and Elvira. She debuted this gem at LA Comic Con. Sadly […]

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Underworld Selene

One of my favorite vampires…strike that not one of my but MY FAVORITE vampire is Selene. Ever since I saw the original Underworld I have loved this character. She is a strong female lead and […]

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Wasteland Pinup Shoot

Earlier this year just before Wasteland weekend I was asked to shoot a pinup series for Wastelanders. It was a first for me but of course I was up for the challenge. Typically with pinup […]

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Cosplayer Kitsune Kuma

Back before we finished the house we took a shoot with cosplayer Kitusne Kuma. Unfortunately her photos got lost in the shuffle of the house remodel and we didn’t dig them up until recently. I […]

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