LA Comic Con 2018

As many of you know I am stepping a bit back from conventions and cosplay photography as a whole.  I recently was involved in a situation where someone was offended over a year ago about comments I made about kids.  They felt that I was “pushing” motherhood or stating that they needed to have kids.  I also made comments about politics this too offended her.  The back and forth in messaging made me look at the cosplay community as a whole.  This person who was offended by what constitutes as an opinion or small talk could have said anything.  I am not saying she would but she did make a comment that she was being generous or polite by not posting it publically.  This made me take a step back.  This is my hobby yes I have prices on my site but these prices are to keep people from asking for everything.  In most cases I do this work for free yes including the shoot I did over a year ago with this cosplayer.  In fact I lose money every convention I go to.  There is the parking fees 3 x $20 dollars or more, gas fees, convention tickets if the show doesn’t press pass me and of course my time.  I have a good paying job and this like I said is a creative outlet that lets me focus on my job at the office more.  That said these people these cosplayers I don’t know them I have met them at a show talked a bit but I DON’T REALLY KNOW THEM.   This means they can be offended and make a big deal about it they can say whatever they want and because of today’s climate even if I prove myself innocent it would not matter.  This would impact my kids, my wife, and possibly my job.  Which would put my entire family in jeopardy and I don’t think I can risk that.  So I am going to be taking extra precautions now and will be keeping my small talk down as much as possible.  I will also be reducing the number of conventions I attend unless I am now PAID to be there.

My two exceptions are WonderCon and San Diego Comic Con except at these shows I actually don’t shoot that much already because I am there attending things I am interested in or working with a publication to get images for specific articles.  I know this hurts many in the community because frankly I try my best to take pictures of all types of cosplayers but my family is not worth the risk.  I love my wife, kids, pets, and my job so I will have to cut back.  I am still going to be taking photos and will be getting back to some videos but my models are going to be people I trust or people that I have a contract with.  I feel like we are getting to an age where body cams will no longer be for police but for everyday people.

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