Long Beach Comic Expo Day 1 2018

So one thing about Southern California is that you have plenty of comic book conventions and anime shows.  Most of them are extremely well attended and even more new conventions are popping up.  This year marks my 4th Long Beach Comic Expo I have ever attended.  The show seems to be getting bigger every year, but this year it appeared to be attended by less.  First the show was on the main side of the convention center and now in the main convention hall.  That might have made it look like less attended.  The cosplay action was definitely a lot less there.  There could have been several reasons for this first the convention was being held the same weekend that Katsucon on the east coast was happening.  Katsucon is a big cosplay show and several of the cosplayers who follow me asked if I was going so I knew several of the regular folks I shoot would not be around.  The second issue was that Gallifrey One was drawing the public away locally.  It’s a very big Doctor Who show and I knew several of my cosplay and photographer friends were going to be at that show and not at LBCE.  So this all could have and most likely impacted attendance.  One thing that I hope they don’t continue at the fall show is the dimissial of the food truck services you were stuck with convention caffetteria food or a vegetarian truck as your only onsite food options.  This forced me and my assistant to travel off the grounds to get food or quick snacks.  You want to keep people at the show and not leave the grounds of the show we need to make these shows an experience inside and out.  I bet the first show that makes the security or badge lines more entertaining will have a huge hit on their hands.  All of that said the shows were fun please enjoy the photos and remember to credit the cosplayer and myself when posting photos.

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