Monthly Archives: October 2017


Psylocke & Lollipop Chainsaw

The spooky set has been a big hit here at the Garage Studio and we have had cosplayers coming through here like a revolving door.  Seriously we have had cosplayers coming almost every night.  The […]

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Enchanted Bikinis with Tara Cosplay

Seen in Cosmopolitan, People, and all over the Internet Enchanted Bikini’s is a leader in fairy tale bikinis and has been front and center in the media attention.  As cosplay continues to explode they have […]

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Friday the 13th with MaidOfMight

Freddy Krueger makes an appearance in our spooky studio.  MaidOfMight comes in and kicks ass she is the Freddy of your dreams and she finishes it up with Virgin Killer Freddy a nightmare many men […]

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