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Stan Lee Comic Con or BananaCon 2017

The title should say it all.  With the tragedy in Las Vegas and the scare at Phoenix Comic Con there rules and regulations for convention props have now officially gone bananas.  Not only are no […]

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Voodoo Mad Moxxi & Halloween Harley & Halloween Ivy

So friends unfortunately I don’t have time to write much.  Here is some awesome images first we have Voodoo Mad Moxxi followed up by Halloween Harley and Poison Ivy both inspired by Artist Abe. Rulison […]

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Jason Friday the 13th by MaidOfMight & SuperXLugi

So when MaidOfMight asked me to do a Halloween shoot it was originally suppose to be Jason but her Jason was under the weather.  So we rescheduled and pulled it off.  I really think these […]

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Psylocke & Lollipop Chainsaw

The spooky set has been a big hit here at the Garage Studio and we have had cosplayers coming through here like a revolving door.  Seriously we have had cosplayers coming almost every night.  The […]

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Enchanted Bikinis with Tara Cosplay

Seen in Cosmopolitan, People, and all over the Internet Enchanted Bikini’s is a leader in fairy tale bikinis and has been front and center in the media attention.  As cosplay continues to explode they have […]

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Friday the 13th with MaidOfMight

Freddy Krueger makes an appearance in our spooky studio.  MaidOfMight comes in and kicks ass she is the Freddy of your dreams and she finishes it up with Virgin Killer Freddy a nightmare many men […]

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Autumn Poison Ivy

Fall is here and Tara Nicole Azarian came through the studio of vines and got photos of her Autumn Poison Ivy.  I am keeping it short today for my blog posts as I am behind […]

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Witchy Time of the Year

Brooke stopped by to have an impromptu photoshoot.  She brought over a cute little Witch costume along with a her blackout contact lenses to do two looks.  One the cute Witch and the second to […]

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Selene Underworld by MaidOfMight

Several months back we had the release of the latest Underworld franchise and with that several cosplayers got dressed up as our favorite protagonist Selene.  I for one am a super huge fan of the […]

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NerdBot Con 2017

This is the second year I have had the opportunity to cover NerdBot Con.  Earlier this year they asked if I would be available to work a photo room inside the convention.  I agreed but […]

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